Alexander Kopacz

2018 Olympic 2-man Champion, Team Canada Brakeman & Mechanical Engineer

Alexander Kopacz earned his mechanical engineering degree from Western University in 2013 and would say his dream job would be to work for a big project company such as NASA, SpaceX or Tesla. His favourite motto "Sic Parvis Magna" (greatness from small beginnings) took him at age 23 to start pursuing bobsleigh which led a path to his Olympic debut at PyeongChang 2018. Kopacz had been a varsity-level shot putter at Western University but with encouragement from his coaches, he attended a talent ID camp for bobsleigh in April 2013. His performance earned him an invitation to train with the national team and participate in a testing camp that August. He quickly realized he had potential when coaches told him to stick it out for four years - he did - and won gold in the two-man event with pilot Justin Kripps for Canada.