Illustration courtesy of  Stephanie Cardoso  

Illustration courtesy of Stephanie Cardoso 

Lauren Pirie

multidisciplinary artist and freelance illustrator

Lauren Pirie is a multidisciplinary artist and freelance illustrator who has lived on rafts, in tents, and in cities (mostly), and by the ocean whenever possible. Most recently living part-time in Jamaica, she’s continued to come home to Toronto, where it can sometimes seem like she lives in the studio.

Her intricate ink drawings live somewhere outside any of these places, often floating in the feminine realm, in a place where we can confront darkness in order to let go, or harness its power to take to battle in the real world.

In the real world, Lauren has painted murals in Mexico, Toronto alleys, the Facebook offices, and recently curated a live outdoor mural event. Her work has appeared in magazines, children's books, galleries, installations, and film. Outside of the studio, she works to harness creative forces and collaborate on community projects. Lauren was a co-founder and the creative director of grassroots art and environmental organization, The About Face Collective, and has collaborated and worked with organizations like Sketch, Centre for Social Innovation, Skate4Cancer, DUDEBOX and SURJ.

She’s a pretty darn good canoeist, a mediocre surfer, and an expert at removing chocolate stains from drawings.