Illustration courtesy of  Stephanie Cardoso  

Illustration courtesy of Stephanie Cardoso 

Sarah Saska

 Co-founder and CEO of Feminuity

We've figured out how to fly, stream movies on our phones, and have groceries delivered to our doorsteps, and now Dr. Sarah Saska is working to ensure that we build a future that brings everyone forward. 

While pursuing her Ph.D. at Western University, Sarah developed research on the importance of diversity in innovation.  Realizing the importance of her research, Sarah became a fellow at MaRS Discovery District to gain the support she needed to translate her research into practice.  Now, as the co-founder and CEO of Feminuity, Sarah works with innovative companies around the world to help them embrace diversity to design better products, processes, and services and to build company cultures where people can thrive. 

Sarah is a member of the Advisory Council for The MATCH International Women's Fund, she sits on the Board of Directors for Wen-Do Women's Self Defence, and she is named amongst Women’s Executive Network’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada.  Sarah's lives in Toronto with her dog, Gordon.