The extent of most teenagers' political involvement begins and ends with their student elections, but some set their sights higher. Morgan Baskin made headlines by running as a teenage candidate in the Toronto Mayoral election. As a young woman in the spotlight she faced many challenges and no small measure of criticism, but she managed to persevere and serve as an inspiration to her peers.

Morgan Baskin

Teen Mayoral Candidate

Morgan Baskin believes community is the basis for positive, meaningful change – be it with respect to our own personal growth, or making the world around us a better place for everyone.

She is an active, engaged, and recognized youth leader who sees the power of community to do good as hope in action, and something we can all be inspired by. Morgan’s efforts are centered on building the confidence and character of youth for a brighter tomorrow.

Faced by a Toronto with questionable leadership, that continues to dream big about its future, Morgan became frustrated with the lack of any attention to youth issues as the current mayoral campaign kicked­off.

Morgan asked herself, ‘how could youth be active and included in the Toronto it would inherit, if no one was talking about them?’ Driven by a community that built her up, she decided to stand­up for it.

On February 28th, Morgan went to City Hall to file her papers, and run for Mayor of Toronto as the youngest candidate registered. Since then, the mayoral race has never been the same. Leading candidates have had to take notice of her sincere and articulate message ­ youth matter.

Now Magazine has written, “[Baskin’s] youth­focused platform has earned praise from media commentators and City Hall watchers.” Morgan wants to see an inclusive city ­ that takes into account the talent, dreams, and optimism for the future that youth represent ­and activate a Toronto that is digital, global, and green. If one additional youth takes notice of the issues, advocates on behalf of them to others, and votes – Morgan, and youth, have won.