Emily Shi


Learning and trying out new experiences excites Emily. She has an obsession with self-help books as she is curious about human behaviour and how the human mind works. Always trying to know what is going on in the world, she uses her vacation days wisely to see as many places as possible with her family and friends.

Her favourite TED Talk is Matt Cutts’ “Try Something New for 30 Days”.

Donald Mak


Donald is a huge fan of meeting new people, travelling to new places, and trying new foods and activities. He is passionate about social change, volleyball, and tennis. As a management consultant, Donald is interested in bridging the gap between business and information technology.

His favourite TED Talk is Brené Brown's “The Power of Vulnerability”.




Amanda Lai

Sponsorship Team Co-Lead

Amanda is fascinated by the way teens interact with technology. She works at a cool storytelling app, and spends most of her days interacting with its teenage users. Amanda loves reading, Netflix, dogs, and has vowed to be a National Geographic subscriber for life.

Her favourite TED Talk is Susan Cain’s “The Power of Introverts”.


Anthony Sturgeon

Sponsorship Team Co-Lead

Anthony is particularly interested in how companies can have a positive social impact and create shared value by aligning their business objectives with social issues. In his free time, he enjoys grabbing a coffee and catching up on the world of politics and current events.

My favourite TED talk is Simon Sinek "How great leaders inspire action".


Siddharth Benjamin


If unreachable, 99% of the time Siddharth will be found in the middle of a match on a tennis court somewhere. Passionate about tennis and people management, he’s been around the world attending tennis tournaments, and helping start-ups find their feet. An all-around nerd, he’s comfortable talking about everything from anime to advertising. Siddharth’s experience in managing sales teams has lead from retail to security to finance and now he’s in the proAV industry, while managing his newly founded marketing company.

Favourite talk: Dan Pink’s – The puzzle of motivation


Devon Montemurro


Devon loves being busy and planning her schedule months is advance. She enjoys volunteering and helping in the community in her spare time. When she is not volunteering, she loves hosting dinner parties and trying out new recipes! Devon also uses cooking as a way to de-stress and enjoys teaching children how to cook, as her part time job.

One of her favourite TED talk: “I got 99 problems ... palsy is just one” by Maysoon Zayid


Cassandra Piroutz


Cassandra is an administrative whiz and event planner, and enjoys collaborating with creative people to make extraordinary things happen. She's a big fan of podcasts, bicycle adventures, and volunteering for festivals.

Her favourite TED Talk is Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? 




Annabel Lee


Annabel is obsessed with the science behind human behaviour - especially how marketing influences consumer behaviour. Which is why she spends her days analyzing how brands can best communicate with their audience. When she's not scrounging around the internet for social media content, she's perusing the New York Times as a proud subscriber. Annabel loves historical fiction, Harry Potter, online shopping and watching Jeopardy.

Her favourite TED Talk is Susan Cain’s “The Power of Introverts”.

Alicia Raimundo


Alicia is a passionate speaker with over 600 speeches under her belt: including TEDx, The UN headquarters, and One Young World. She has a book taught in grade 8 classes around the world and advises on many local, provincial and federal mental health projects. Obama once crashed one of her speaking engagements and she accidentally ended up in a vanity fair photoshoot with cher. My favourite TEDx is probably Mental Health Superheroes (other than it being mine, it introduced me to one of my best friends).


Yael Magid


Yael is fascinated by the ways in which technology can positively impact global development. She works with a non-profit that seeks to close this gap, by providing access and resources to rural parts of the world through the use of SMS and web-based tools. In her spare time Yael loves to dabble in code, wireframe and travel to new places.

Her favourite TED Talk is Amy Cuddy's "Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are".

Kinza Ahmed


Kinza is an events and travelling enthusiast with a passion for social change. She has worked on events ranging from the Dubai International Film Festival and EY’s World Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards, to the United Nations Association in Canada Toronto Human Rights Panel. She is a tea lover, a Potterhead, obsessed with the Pittsburgh Penguins and enjoys hanging out at shisha lounges. 

Her favourite TEDx talk is Brandon Stanton’s “The Good Story.”


Gordon Li


Speakers Coordinator

Gordon is passionate about going to events and listening to people from different background speak about their experience & story. At work Gordon focuses on solving business problems for the company in order to drive financial benefits. Outside of work, Gordon enjoys playing basketball and watching TV shows.

His favourite TED talk is Tim Urban's "Inside the mind of a master procrastinator".




Antony Permesurdin


Antony is the type of guy who always is willing to give a helping hand. He returns for a second year on the team after experiencing all the passion and energy the students brought at last year's TEDxYouth@Toronto conference. He loves watching and learning things through documentaries and he's a Toronto sports fan at heart. "Go Raptors and Blue Jays!"


His favourite TED Talk is Robert Waldinger's "What makes a good life, Lessons from the longest study on happiness

Judy Lin - Headshot Photo.JPG

Judy Lin



Judy is obsessed with turning concepts into reality, through the intersection of grounding insights, cultural trends, and a bit of creative fire. Which is why she spends her days building brands with a balance of  data-driven facts and blue-sky ideas. Judy’s experience in creating clear, compelling stories has lead her from community management to retail and now the consumer packaged goods industry. As a native Torontonian, she’s a pretty good snowboarder, a mediocre Instagram travel photographer, and an expert at finding a good food in the city.

Her favourite TED Talk is Brené Brown's “The Power of Vulnerability”.




Andy Liang

Design TEAM

Andy is obsessed with fast cars, clever designs, and most of all – the science and mechanics underlying the natural world around him. During the day, he explores the balance between art and purpose in design. His pastime is collecting insects.

His favourite TED Talk is Chris Hadfield’s “What I learned from going blind in space”.

Anurag Chohan

Design TEAM

Anurag is passionate about cars, traveling and really big on networking. He also loves to learn new stuff; it's never-ending. During the day, he design his way around to provide new brands there identity in this competitive world and by night he is learning UX design and digital marketing. He loves to solve problems and carries his sense of humor at all times. He is also working on having his own Ted Talk on “The Power of Sarcasm”

His Favorite TED Talk is Dan Pink’s “The Puzzle of Motivation“


Chauncey Ha

Design TEAM

Chauncey is a nerd and social butterfly. During the day he works as a graphic designer and marketing coordinator. At night he's either playing video games or at a social event. When he has time he's planning a vacation or taking pictures on his mobile.

His favourite TED talk is Simon Sinek’s “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.”




Pauline Wong

Social Media Coordinator

Pauline has travelled all the way from Australia to join our team. She’s always trying out something new - her current hobby is learning the aerial hoop. In her free time, she’s exploring Toronto and learning to cook. She’s crazy about travel, and cake, not necessarily in that order.

Her favorite TED Talk is Ji-Hae Park’s “The violin, and my dark night of the soul”


Samantha David

Social Media Coordinator

Samantha is the type of person who loves to stay active while maintaining work-life balance. Working in the higher education sector, she is also currently studying for her professional designation. To balance all this work, you'll find Samantha planning a weekend getaway, enjoying a good podcast, or finding a new restaurant in the city with her friends. 

Her favorite TED Talk is Emilie Wapnick - Why some of us don't have one true calling.




Song Kim


Not-so-meek teacher by day and avid napper by night, Song is interested in what makes the world and its inhabitants tick. She is also concerned with serious philosophical questions, such as whether or not it is acceptable to walk a cat. Most often seen at a 500-level seat at Blue Jays games, she has predicted a World Series win for the franchise every year since 1994.





Jing Jing Tan


With a passion for education, technology and psychology, Jing Jing finds a natural draw to TED. During the day she does online community-building for a living, and at night she is a not-so-closeted Kpop fan. This is her 3rd year with TEDxYouth@Toronto.

Her favourite TED Talk is Dan Gilbert’s “The Surprising Science of Happiness”.




Shankar Manoharan


Shankar loves learning about cool, new stuff -- really anything cool and anything new. His commitment using his infatuation with efficiency for good as a supply chain analyst keeps him plenty busy in the day. But given a choice though, he’d much rather spend his time dabbling in competitive robotics, reading, and traveling — which sometimes, but not nearly often enough, intersect to make him unreasonably happy.

His favourite TED Talk is Louis van Ahn’s “Massive-scale Online Collaboration”.


Sabeen Saeed


Sabeen is an avid reader, passionate about learning, travel and food (who isn’t?!). She can be found wandering the streets of Toronto in search of the perfect French macaron. By day, she is part of Toronto’s fast-paced financial industry. She also enjoys discovering new restaurants and checking out local events.

Her favourite TED Talk is Brené Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability”.

Kelvin Lui




Kelvin often thinks about how technology and better data can enable organizations with a social mission and further amplify their voices. The majority of his time is spent on creating PowerPoint decks, excel models and sleep.

His favourite TED Talk is “How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries” by Adam Savage.