Megan Rach


Megan has a deep passion for storytelling. After graduating from Humber College Journalism, Megan has gone on to participate in TV Script Writing, Comedy Sketch Writing and podcasting. Between writing and her day job in brand management, Megan loves to read and see live music in small venues around the city.

Her favourite TED Talk is Laura Vanderkam's “How to Gain Control of Your Free Time”.


Samantha David


Samantha is the type of person who loves to stay active while maintaining work-life balance. Working in the higher education sector, she is also currently studying for her professional designation. To balance all this work, you'll find Samantha planning a weekend getaway, enjoying a good podcast, or finding a new restaurant in the city with her friends.

Her favorite TED Talk is Emilie Wapnick - Why some of us don't have one true calling.




Tina Wu


Tina is passionate about the intersection of possibility and tangibility and is always keeping her eyes open for opportunities to make things happen. She carries an equal appreciation for both art and data and is currently trying to learn more about data visualization and user experience design. You will probably find Tina browsing around Toronto's book stores or trying to paint a recreation of a classic.

Her favourite TED Talk is Susan Cain's "The Power of Introverts".


Anna Lee


Anna is a seasoned Marketer and Toronto native. She considers herself an unofficial ambassador of the city whether at home or abroad. Her passion for the future of Toronto is grounded in pride for our diverse culture and strong sense of community - both local and international. She’s excited to contribute to shine a bright light on what makes Toronto a global hub of inspiration and ideas.

She is also a self-confessed crazy dog lady and owns a retail business named after her late dog, Louie.

Her favourite TED Talk is Steve Jobs’ “How to live before you die”.




Lucy Zhang


Once upon a time, there lives a girl named Lucy. Lucy loves stories and how they can transport her to different times and places as well as understand the perspectives of many people. She applies these perspectives in her every day life whether it be at her job at a Digital Factory, with her friends and family, or even on the volleyball court. She believes that everyone has a story worth telling and is always eager to listen.

Her favourite TED Talk is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s "The danger of a single story"


Thanujan Sathasivam


Marketer by trade and movie enthusiast by passion, Thanujan aims to keep well rounded in all areas of business, the arts and everything in between. He is enticed by diversity and the branches of society teeming with it; when he isn’t honing his photography skills capturing visual perspectives, he engorges himself in museums, concerts, seminars and other learning platforms. Thanujan is always receptive to learning new things and is currently on the endeavour of making his own clay pot.

His favourite TED talk is Jon Ronson’s “Strange answers to the psychopath test”.


Lisa Seong


Lisa believes that everyone has superpowers inside of them that’s waiting to get unleashed through inspiration and courage. An oldie but goodie and a favourite Ted Talk of mine would be ‘The Power of Vulnerability’.

After years of learning and growing, Lisa has managed to unleash her love for design, people and technology to become a digital marketer at American Express by day and an aspiring interior decorator by night.

Inspiration to Lisa comes in the form of solo trips (as far as different countries or as close as a theater or an art gallery), talking to cherished friends, and listening to other people’s superpower stories.




Helena Morgane


Helena is fascinated by the unique ways creatives and entrepreneurs use their voice to leave their mark on the world.

She is a multidisciplinary artist (and Scorpio) whose current goal is to live more than five years straight in the same country.

She is committed to diversity and uplifting multicultural stories, one project at a time!

Her favourite TED Talk is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “The danger of a single story”.


Alyssa Giddings


Throughout her life, Alyssa has been a part of both the creating and coordinating side of Arts & Culture, with experience in performing, stage management, educational and artistic programming, and event coordination. Her drive is to dive deeper into the world of event coordination to continue to bring to life unique, inclusive, vibrant experiences for people to come together to learn, connect and enjoy.

She values living a balanced life, making time for everything from Krav Maga to yoga in the park; from snowboarding on the west coast and road tripping on the east coast; from sitting solo at a café reading a good book to all-night dance parties with friends.

Cheers to the child inside of us never growing up.

Her favourite TEDx talk is Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability”.


Gordon Li


Gordon is passionate about going to events and listening to people from different background speak about their experience & story. At work Gordon focuses on solving business problems for the company in order to drive financial benefits. Outside of work, Gordon enjoys playing basketball and watching TV shows.

His favourite TED talk is Tim Urban's "Inside the mind of a master procrastinator".


Cassandra Piroutz


Cassandra is an administrative whiz and event planner, and enjoys collaborating with creative people to make extraordinary things happen. She's a big fan of podcasts, bicycle adventures, and volunteering for festivals.

Her favourite TED Talk is Ken Robinson’s “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”


Jeff Wang


At work, Jeff is an investment professional who is obsessed with spreadsheets, presentations, and coffee. Personally, Jeff is extremely passionate about youth development and education, and he has dedicated a significant amount of his time outside of work participating in various Board and Committee roles for education institutions and non-profit organizations. In his free time, Jeff enjoys playing basketball, golf, and Call of Duty.

Jeff's favorite TED talk is Hugh Herr’s “New bionics let us run, climb and dance”




Hailey Appel


Hailey is an avid instagrammer with a passion for creative thinking. She is currently studying Creative Advertising at Humber College and looks forward to joining the workforce as a copywriter once she finishes her degree. When she is not working or studying, Hailey spends her time volunteering with mental health organization and delivering presentations about mental health to students across the province. She has a passion for empowering youth to drive change and is thrilled to continue doing so with TEDxYouth@Toronto.

Hailey's favourite TED Talk is Sarah Kay's "If I should have a daughter."


Peggy Men

Peggy has always been intrigued by how two people can connect to each other’s stories

through empathy and emotion, even if they have vastly different life experiences. This is why

she enjoys listening to TED Talks, where she can connect to different people and experiences.

By day, Peggy works in analytics at a telecommunications company, where she uses data to

create strategic insights and stories. Outside of work, you will probably find her reading,

catching up with friends at coffee shops, going to a fitness class, or strategically planning her

next vacation (with limited vacation days)!

Her favourite TED Talk is “The Power of Introverts” by Susan Cain.


Palak Jaura.jpg

Palak Jaura


I am an Industrial Designer by profession that guides brands with their vision and turns it into reality. Learning to integrate technology with design has always intrigued me. I am a huge believer in self development and enjoy listening to podcasts, trying different cuisines and exploring is what I enjoy to do when I am not designing.

Favorite Ted Talk: The secret of becoming mentally strong by Amy Morin"

Chauncey Ha


Chauncey is a nerd and social butterfly. During the day he works as a graphic designer and marketing coordinator. At night he's either playing video games or at a social event. When he has time he's planning a vacation or taking pictures on his mobile.

His favourite TED talk is Simon Sinek’s “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.”


Disha Patel


Disha is an undergrad student studying Statistics at University of Toronto. She enjoys thinking out of the box to create innovative digital engagement pieces. She loves using her design skills to visualize data. She also enjoys making Snapchat and Facebook lens, and aspires to be a data scientist.

Her favourite TED talk is: How great leaders inspire action by Simon Sinek.


Vinh Tran


Vinh is energized by the amount of inspiration all around him. As a designer and marketer who wears multiple sunglasses, he combines his interests in technology, fashion and youth advocacy to bridge the gap in youth engagement by enhancing the experience. During the day, he works as a Digital Marketer at a think-tank to turn policy research into thought provoking stories, and a night enjoys his time being a social butterfly among his peers. He is a motivated individual that is willing to take challenges to further heights and continually seeks growth of not only for himself, but also his peers.

His favourite TED talk is Dr. Ivan Joseph's “The skill of confidence.”




Dorothy Qian


Dorothy loves people - she loves meeting new people, building connections with people, and working with others on all sorts of projects and events. In her free time, Dorothy dedicates herself to conducting geriatric research, volunteering in the community, and finding the city's best food spots. Her favourite TED talk is Simon Sinek's "How Great Leaders Inspire Action".


Joyce Yu


Joyce is fascinated by what makes people tick. Appreciative of how varied the human experience is, she loves hearing people's stories and perspectives they have to offer.

By day, she works in TV content strategy and distribution. By night and outside work, she applies her passion for mental health and mentorship through volunteering. For the last year, she has helped organize community events and facilitate support groups for those affected by mental health challenges. She also enjoys karaoke, concerts, and discovering events in the city.

Her favourite TEDx Talk is Kristin Neff's "The Space Between Self-Esteem and Self Compassion


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Antony Permesurdin


Emily Shi


Learning and trying out new experiences excites Emily. She has an obsession with self-help books as she is curious about human behaviour and how the human mind works. Always trying to know what is going on in the world, she uses her vacation days wisely to see as many places as possible with her family and friends.

Her favourite TED Talk is Matt Cutts’ “Try Something New for 30 Days”.

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Judy Lin